Covid Measures

The Members Bar

The Members Bar after refurbishment and reopening


We have loved seeing you at the Club since we re-opened in mid-2021 and we are really happy that
grassroots music venues have remained vibrant places where music lovers enjoy music together.

With the recent changes to government policy announced on the 8th December 2021 on the management of
Covid 19 and its variants and in response to the new directives, we want to make it clear to everyone about
how things will be working at The Trades:

1. We will not be operating a ‘certification passport’ policy to enter the Club or to access any of our
events and will not be asking for any additional proof of negative test results or vaccinations.
2. We are not required to mandate the wearing of masks. The wearing of face coverings by our staff and
volunteers is at their discretion. Do feel free to wear a face mask if you would like to. If you choose
not to, you will not be refused entry to the Club. We ask that you respect other people’s choices and
that you do not judge or chastise others for their choices. Perhaps ask first if people are comfortable
with you sitting by them, hugging them etc. Hand sanitiser will still be available in the Club in plentiful
3. It is no longer a requirement for us to ensure that customers check-in either using the NHS App or
manually, but we will still continue to display a QR poster for those that want to carry on checking in
via the NHS App.
4. In line with guidance from the Music Venues Trust we would encourage you, regardless of the size of
the event you are attending, to #TakeaTest before and after shows.
5. If you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms or if you believe you have been in close contact with
someone with COVID-19 then please do not visit. If either of these situations apply to you and you
have a ticket for an event, we will offer you a refund on your ticket price.

We reserve the right to remove individuals from the Trades if they disrespect our staff or customers, or
conduct themselves in any way which is felt by staff to be contrary to our policies.

Like most music, event and hospitality spaces, we need the ability to open at full capacity at times in order to
make the Club work. Artists, promoters and sound engineers need these shows to take place and we will be
doing everything that we can to ensure that the Trades Club is both a fun and safe space for all. With that in
mind, we want to encourage our customers to treat each other, our staff and our volunteers with respect and
with courtesy at all times, including respecting people’s choices and personal space and boundaries and the
need to be considerate of others who may be feeling vulnerable.

The Bar will continue to be open from 4pm daily serving drinks and our amazing Indonesian food.


The Trades Club – by the people, for the people