Committee & Contacts

Contact Telephone Number: 01422 845265

For general inquiries, please email info [at]

For membership inquiries, please email members [at]

Trades Club Committee Officers (and Directors)

The Trades Club Committee is elected by the membership at a general meeting and is responsible for the overall running of the club. The full rules of the Hebden Bridge Trades Club Cooperative including the responsibilities of the committee/directors can be read or downloaded here:
Rules of Hebden Bridge Trades Club Limited_2021

Acting President
• Heather Woodstock: president [at]

• Kay Boardman: secretary [at]

• Paul Neill: treasurer [at]

Angela Clark: angela.clark [at]

• Andrew Young: andrew.young [at]

• Dave Ives: dave.ives [at]

• Stebben Bracewell: stebben.bracewell [at]

If you are interested in joining the committee or have any other enquiries please contact:
secretary [at] the

General Manager
Del Bailie
del [at]

Booker & Promotions Manager
Mal Campbell
mal.campbell [at]