Ulrich Schnauss

Saturday 20th February
Ulrich Schnauss (live) + Nat Urazmetova [visuals]
[+ 10% booking fee]
Doors open 8pm

Ulrich Schnauss has been known to veer from techno to drum and bass via electronica, his music combines multilayered synthesizers with beats and ethereal vocals, serving as an aural escape route from the trappings of reality. His sound is a lush instrumentation, elegant and simple creating beautiful, diverse music.

Today, Schnauss expresses a renewed interest in more direct electronic sounds, and aims to substitute traditional verse – chorus – verse structures for more freeform atmospherics. Stripping back the orgiastic excess of multi – layered instrumentation, he is currently working on an album which intends to celebrate the synthesizer, the long-time cornerstone of Schnauss’s sound – as a musical instrument in its own right.

‘A deep sense of introspection initiated via a soundtrack of delicate beauty’   BBC

‘A step forward for electronic music’ POP MATTERS

Ulrich Schnauss crop


Bookings are not currently available for this event.


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