Trades Council Open Meeting

Thursday 15th October
Trades Council Open Meeting
Free admission

Say no to the government’s anti-union legislation and yes to workers’ rights.

About the trade union bill

This autumn, MPs and peers will discuss the trade union bill – which threatens the basic right to strike.

For the first time, employers will be able to break strikes by bringing in agency workers to cover for strikers. This could have big safety implications, lead to worse public services, and will undermine the right to strike.

And bill proposes huge restrictions on peaceful picketing and protests. Striking workers will have to tell their employer all their plans – including what they will post on Facebook – two weeks before they strike.

There are lots of other proposals in the bill too – including attacks on union reps in the public sector, restrictions on how unions collect and spend their money and lots more unnecessary red tape.

And all of it taken together fundamentally undermines the right to strike.

Why should we be concerned?

Trade unions play a vital role in representing millions of workers, making sure they are treated fairly at work. And that works because employers and employees both have some power. Employers have to negotiate with workers – because the workers can take strike action if their employers don’t.

If this bill passes, the right to strike will be under threat. That’ll upset the power balance at work. Ordinary workers won’t have any power to stand up to their bosses – even when they’re being unreasonable. And that’ll mean worse pay and conditions for everyone, and workers unable to raise concerns about service cuts and safety.

Yes to workers' rights


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