Andrew Weatherall + Blanck Mass (F*ck Buttons)

Saturday 21st November
White Rabbit Presents
DJ Andrew Weatherall + Blanck Mass (F*ck Buttons) and Gum Takes Tooth +support DJ’s
Tickets £15/£16
(+ 10% booking fee)
Doors open 9pm

BLANCK MASS is the solo project of Benjamin John Power, one half of one of the UK’s most eclectic and critically acclaimed electronic acts, F*ck Buttons. Initially starting as a F*ck Buttons project, his debut Blanck Mass LP ‘Dumb Flesh’ is intriguing in its own right. The album’s lead track, ‘Dead Format’, is just as relentless and as noisy as much of F*ck Button’s best work, but morphs into something distinctly its own. It’s no wonder that Sacred Bones, one of the finest indie labels operating in the world today, picked the record up for release, and we’re delighted that Blanck Mass will be re-united with Andrew Weatherall at The Trades Club.This is a racket that you need in your life.

The album itself is a comment on the very idea of our own existence, best described by Power himself: “We are at the mercy of our genetic heritage every day. No matter how intelligent we are compared to other life forms, we’re still made up of the same building blocks and things can go very wrong”. Thankfully though, this isn’t the case for Blanck Mass’ music, which is stunning in every sense of the word.


Bookings are not currently available for this event.


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