Michael Chapman

Thursday 18th May
Michael Chapman
[+ 10% booking fee]
Doors open 8pm
Seated show

“Michael Chapman was never just a singer-songwriter – his gritty brand of guitar based songs span folk, ragtime, jazz and blues…
that world-weary voice singing words of bitter experience. This man is so laid back that he makes the ate great JJ Cale
sound like he’s on helium’Q Magazine

Michael’s new album ‘50’ released during January 2017, has received international critical acclaim with terrific reviews in
both MOJO and Uncut music magazines.

Michael Chapman – ‘I had an art college education and on a rainy night in 1966 I went into a pub in Cornwall, but I couldn’t afford to pay to go in.
So I said, I’ll tell you what, I don’t want to stay outside in the rain, I’ll play guitar for half an hour for you.
They offered me a job for the rest of the summer and I’ve been at it ever since.’

A legendary maestro guitar player; pure genius!




Bookings are closed for this event.

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