The Ukrainians

Friday 15th June
The Ukrainians +
special guests From East To East
[+10% booking fee]
Doors open 7.30pm – tickets available on the door

This year marks the 25th anniversary if the release of ‘Pisni izTheSmiths’. Mixing their Ukrainian roots with indie rock, ‘The Ukrainians’ made this classic EP of songs by ‘The Smiths’ which topped the indie charts. Tonight, you will hear the EP played in its entirety, alongside tracks from the forthcoming new album and many of the older classics. (Batyar – Big mouth strikes again)

Tonight’s gig will also feature a tribute to Mick West, a member of our group from 1994 till 2011. He was a major contributor to all our recordings and international tours.

Style-wise, The Ukrainians are an intoxicating cocktail of traditional Ukrainian music and Western Indie pop/rock.
Vodka-fuelled fiddles, accordion and mandolins interweave beautifully with powerful drums, driving bass and wonderfully zizzy electric guitars. Their cross-category appeal has meant that for 25 years they have wowed audiences at many hundreds of festivals throughout Europe and North America, including both Glastonbury and Womad in the UK.??They began their musical career with ‘Ukrainski vistupi v’Ivana Pila’ (the Ukrainian Peel sessions), when performing with ‘The Wedding Present’. Since then, they have recorded 6 internationally released studio albums. The majority of the material is written by the band and over the years, they have written songs that have become part of Ukrainian musical heritage. ‘Cherez Richku’ and ‘Diaspora’ are the best known, but the set often includes high energy versions of traditional Ukrainian songs and covers of western classics (Smiths, Sex Pistols).

Check out some of the new tracks:



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