Little Comets

Wednesday 15th September
£15 [+10% booking fee]
Doors open 8pm


Music Venue Trust & The National Lottery = The Revive Live Tours  

Buy a ticket to this show and bring a friend for free! We’ve all missed music and mates over the last year. Now is the time to #ComeTogether to #ReviveLive music.

The free ticket holder just needs to demonstrate they’re a National Lottery player by showing either a physical ticket or one on the app at the door. This could be a weekly draw ticket or a scratch card and they must be over 18 to purchase and hold a National Lottery product. The original ticket holder must adhere to the age restrictions of the venue.


After 18 months of climbing internal walls and writing songs, Little Comets are finally able to return to the live arena with a series of September gigs in Grassroots Music Venues across the UK. As part of the #ReviveLive Scheme, the North East trio will traverse the country playing to audiences finally allowed back into venues after months of inertia.

Generously supported by the National Lottery and the Music Venue Trust, the initiative gives a lifeline to artists, crews and venues alike. Bass player Matt Hall said: ‘We’ve been itching to get back out and play live again and this gives us the perfect opportunity to do that, all whilst supporting venues and staff that have been hit so hard in the last year and a half. Plus, we can get back to playing to a real crowd which is always a lovely feeling’.

With each paying audience member also receiving a free ticket for a friend, #ReviveLive is set to allow friends to come together once again to enjoy a night of live music, something so missing in our lives during the pandemic.

Ahead of an upcoming 2022 tour, a new single release and album announcement, Little Comets are bubbling under nicely and ready to give their fans a great night out.



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