Lana Loves [House of Decay]

Saturday 11th November
Lana Loves [House of Decay]
£7/£8 [+10% booking fee]Tickets now available on the door!
Doors open 9pm

with Kim Lana | House of Decay | Stevie Woo

Lana’s going in with another eclectic mix of House and Techno…This time we’re taking it to the runway as a House.


[ houses serve as alternative families, primarily consisting of Black and Latino queer youth, and are meant to be safe spaces.[3] Houses are led by “mothers” and “fathers,” providing guidance and support for their house “children]

[ from The Warehouse, Chicago dance club that pioneered the style ]

:a type of dance music mixed by a disc jockey that features overdubbing with a heavy repetitive drumbeat and repeated electronic melody lines

[ the building or chamber where such an assembly meets]

The House of Decay is a creative house focusing on vogue, style, dance, drag and performance. If they’re not busy ruining your night, then they’re on stage illustrating a sex trafficked – gothic concoction of sorts. Usually found in the creases of the clubs of you name it, these lot have worked with Grindr, southbank, MIF, Hercules and Love Affair and rupauls drag race.

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Bookings are closed for this event.

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