Kirsty Almeida

Saturday 24th March
Kirsty Almeida
£8/£10 [+ 10% booking fee]
Doors open 8pm – tickets available on the door

Kirsty is a bit of a story, having being signed to Decca as recently as 6 years ago, an arrangement that she bought herself out of, to nurture her new born son Ray, who is now 3.

In the meantime, she rescued a three story warehouse in The Northern Quarter of Manchester and created one of the most talked about and inspiring wellness centres in the City, impacting thousands of people from businesses through to the homeless, with her indelible passion, incredible vision, immense love of the building, and inspirational strength.

However, burning away within her was a desire to return to writing, recording, and performing her music, and early next year, she will be in a position to do all three.

She’s sung for the G8 in Moscow to 38,000 people, won The Take 5 Jazz Composers Award in 2009, been signed to Decca, and written the music for 3 films.

She was the first female singer on the Gibraltar National Day Concert stage to 7000 people. There’s a strength in her that breaks down the impossible into manageable and turns dreams into practical steps.
From BBC documentaries and singing in front of various orchestras, touring the festivals to building her own visionary venue, Kirsty has broken down her own barriers to create a life of creative invention.



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