BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal?

Sunday 20th January
Extinction Rebellion Calderdale present the film
BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal?
Free Entry – donations welcome
3pm start

Have You Seen This Train?

It transports wood from old growth forests in the Southeastern US to the furnaces at Drax power station to be burned to make 7% of the UK’s electricity. Drax burns more wood each year than the entire UK timber industry produces. The government have defined it as biofuel, claiming falsely (and this is proven, and they know it) that it is carbon neutral and can therefore be counted as a part of the “sustainable energy mix”. This enables them to divert £100s of millions in subsidies to keep Drax burning and paying its shareholders dividends. It is a disastrous answer to the climate catastrophe.

Extinction Rebellion Calderdale will be screening the award winning documentary Burned: Are Trees the New Coal? The film clearly shows the devastating effect of this part of the UK energy policy on forests around the world, particularly the Southeastern US, where this subsidised market is causing a rapid acceleration of deforestation causing more pollution and CO2 emissions than fossil fuels.

You are invited to come and watch the 45 minute film and discuss solutions with our local Extincton Rebellion Group.


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