Angry Workers of the World

Angry Workers – Book presentation, Talk & Discussion
Wednesday 15th April
Doors 7pm

Angry Workers – Book Presentation, Talk & Discussion,  ‘Outer-parliamentarian workerist radicalism & six years of workers’ inquiry and organising in the west London badlands’.

“We will talk about the large logistical and industrial backyard of the metropolis. About the reasons we moved there to get rooted. We will talk about slow-downs and overtime strikes in warehouses and frustrations at factory gates at five in the morning. About our workmates from Katowice and Jalandhar. About the impact of Brexit and zero-hour contracts. We will share our experiences with our solidarity network, an IWW organising drive and campaigns to stop local libraries from closing. We will talk about being union reps in two big unions and the limits we found. We will make proposals about working class strategy and revolution.”

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